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‘Sustainable and profitable’: Eco-tourism opens opportunities in Brunei jungle

TEMBURONG, Brunei: Running a successful business and conserving nature are not always two things that go hand in hand. In the middle of Brunei’s lush and pristine jungle, eco-tourism is bringing economic opportunities for local people, long struggling to find a path to prosperity.

Brunei Muara

Brunei Muara

Cultural Heart of Brunei



Historical Nature of Brunei



Green Jewel of Brunei

Kuala Belait

Kuala Belait

Humble Abode of Brunei

We are based in Brunei, providing tour packages and nature based excursions.
Our tour covers in and around the nation as well as the Island of Borneo. Since our establishment nearly a decade ago, we had the privilege to create memorable tours and moments for our visitors.
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Bask in the all year summer weather with occasional friendly sunny spells. The tropical warmth and reflects the friendly locals.

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Darussalam loosely translates to “Abode of Peace” in Arabic. Brunei is a peaceful country with relatively low crime rates (According to Numbeo) making it solo travel friendly.

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Nearly 80% of Brunei land is covered with forests – 60% of which are untouched. An ultimate nature’s playground, it is one of the few places in the world that leaves the yearning effect in visitor’s hearts.

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A perfect gateway to Asia and beyond. Brunei is conveniently located in the North of the Borneo island, accessible to international and domestic flight routes. The Brunei International Airport is a 10 minutes drive from the capital, equipped with money changers, ATMS and other world class facilities. Alternatively, other nearby airports outside the country includes Miri and Kota Kinabalu.

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Heritage and Culture

One of the oldest and remaining Sultanates in the world, Brunei does not shy away from its grandiose royal exhibits and occasions. This resonates in its modern Islamic architectures which can be seen in government buildings and mosques.

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And beaches, and Kampong Ayer, and panoramic waterfronts, and glittering rivers, and mystical lakes, and rainbows, and endless hike trails to explore, and waterfalls, and parks in the middle of the city, and monkeys as neighbors, and friendly drivers who beep only to say Hi!

“We organised a tour to visit the region through Borneo Guide and were extremely impressed with their service. Sumbiling Ecovillage was cool... We were the only people staying there so we had the place to ourselves. The chef went out of his way to make us comfortable. It is an ideal spot to relax near the river or to explore the forest.”

Nasreen Peer - 2017Tofo, Mozambique

“Brunei is the perfect place for tree huggers but watch out for the mosquito swarms!”

Aram Pan - 2017Singapore

“Great tour guide and activities to the rain forest. The food was awesome and delicious. I had great inspiration from the owner on how he built up the village. Nice experience overall, recommended to come here if you come to Borneo.”

Yann Nguyen - 2017Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“I only did a day-tour from Bandar Seri Begawan to the Temburong National Park. The journey with a small group and a knowledgeable tour guide was very comfortable. The tracking included a stunning canopy walk and a quick hike to a waterfall. Unfortunately, we did not see any monkeys but got a free pedicure by doctor fish in the waterfall. Overall a great experience.”

Adrian S. - 2017Basel, Switzerland

“A beautiful place and strategically located right in the edge of the untouch rainforest of Temburong in Negara Brunei Darussalam. It is assessible by car and is within a short walking distance from the main road. The facilities are the best as compare to any trekking hut I ever been ! For a more adventurous trekker , one can cross the river by boat or walk across it and trek up to Bukit Lutut and camp at Mutong river upstream... The experience of the early morning sun in the midst of the jungle really take away a moment of a stressful heavy traffic and polluted environment of a big city ! The place will sure give a different perspective to a city folk who wish to seek some experience of peace and tranquility.....”

Voon Choon Leong - 2014Brunei Darussalam, Kuala Belait

“Quite relaxing place but if you need to have lots of activity at the whole days whole tour. then, day trip may fit for you. if you choose overnight stay, recommended tent, the view is perfect & quite enjoy esp at night time.”

Iamface - 2015Hong Kong

“My wife, son and I visited here and had a wonderful time. The accommodation, are clean and simple. The food is wonderful, the location is beautiful, but the staff and tribesmen are wonderful people. They treat you like family and will take you on wonderful treks in the jungle. The hiking can be as easy or difficult as you like. This is a great place and we will always remember it.”

Colin R. - 2017Augusta, Georgia

“The SEV team was helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and most of all very hospitable to us. Highly recommend having them as tour guide / host. The food was excellent and the tour itself was worth the trip. You can't go wrong by booking with SEV!”

Wenday Han - 2015Brunei Darussalam
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